Mother’s Whose Children Have Died from Drug Overdoses/Drug Related Issues

Charlotte Wethington (Director and Founder of Kentucky’s- Casey’s Law),Mary Juarez (Never Let Go Ministries) and myself, Sharon Blair ( The Jennifer Act-bill draft for Fl. & IN.)

Who are these mothers?

We are Mothers who have been devastated by losing our children to drug overdoses/ drug related issues. We are now courageously, taking our sorrow, pain and grief and turning into advocacy groups, laws and organizations to bring help to those who are where our children once were. With education and awareness- we can offer help and hope to those whose lives are out of control. By doing what we are doing- we are helping people understand the disease of addiction.
Bringing to light-addiction, it’s power over the mind and body and helping them to get intervention and treatment. We are teaching that society need not look at the addicted as down casts but as human beings who need us all to help them.

We are teaching Lawmakers, Legislatures, Judges and Policeman, Pastors and Layman alike. We are exposing a subject that no one wants to talk about for different reasons. Maybe addiction has not touched their family? Maybe they think it’s all a matter of will power, or those people who are shooting up in a dirty alley or lying in a ditch, sleeping on a park bench.

Maybe they are some body’s child- like ours!

No one starts out saying to themselves,” I think I will be an addict”. It comes about for many different reasons. It goes from “trying it” to being addicted to it as a gradual progression of the disease. We Mothers who have watched our children suffer, go through withdrawal multiple times, overdose, incarcerated, know the power of addiction. Those who have buried their children, like us, know the deep, deep agony of the supreme pain of losing them.

We don’t want any other Mother or Father or family to have to go through this crushing and devastating experience. We are initiators of laws and educators from our experiences…..

So please, when we ask for your support of our legislative bills and our advocacy groups, Please help us. Take us serious and listen to us. We are trying to save other children, teens and adults who are caught in the trap of addiction. We give you all we’ve got and then some, with a broken heart and tears running down our faces.
Share our websites, tell others in your work places and churches and social places, to please support us.

I wrote The Jennifer Act bill draft for Florida and Indiana after watching my daughter, Jennifer, suffer for over 12 long and painful years, with a drug addiction that took her young life last year- Jan.15, 2009.
I saw her lying dead on a cold steal table at the coroner’s office in Largo, Fl. last year. That has changed my life forever. FOREVER!

God has now given me an assignment to do. That assignment is to see to it that I bring The Jennifer Act to light. I am working tirelessly, to see this bill draft get passed in Indiana- Senate Bill No. 380 and to see to it that Florida re-vamps and improves the Marchman (those improvements are The Jennifer Act). My mission is important. It is about saving lives.
So is the advocacy’s and laws of these other courageous women I have been honored to now know. The loss of our children to drug related deaths is what brought us together. We unite and we serve our communities, with passion and dedication.

Thank you for your time and your support.

Sharon Blair (Jennifer’s mom)

In memory of Jennifer Reynolds- Died 1-15-2009

Visit my website and see how you can help. Write your governor and your legislatures and tell them you support The Jennifer Act.


  1. says

    Hello Sharon:

    I am truly sorry to hear of your daughter Jennifer. My nephew died of a drug overdose On May 2nd, 2010. He was left to die by his (so called friends). I was close too my nephew, he was a wonderful young man and he and I had been close since his birth. His mother did everything within her power to get him help. She’s the best mother that I’ve ever seen! There were not many resources where we live and their answer to everything was to incarcerate. This is a medical crisis for those addicted and they truly need help in so many ways. Incarceration is not the answer. GOD Bless you for what you are doing, I support your cause. Those Addicted need Compassion.

    Greene County, Indiana

    • kingblog22 says

      Hello and Thank you for your support of The Jennifer Act bill. I am so sorry that you lost your nephew to a drug overdose. It is with regret I hear of yet another tragic death such as this. It breaks my heart and I get folks sharing with me their loss and every time it still hurts when I read another one. This must be addressed in the Legislative arena. It has gone too far now and we are losing our loved ones with no way of intervention once they are gravely addicted.This is my passion and my mission to do everything humanly possible to reach down in the pit of hell and try with all our might to grab our loved ones and pull them out of the pit and get help for them. You are right: Incarceration is not the answer-treatment is necessary and every addicted incarcerated person should have the opportunity of substance treatment. This will help them not repeat the cycle of addiction and incarceration and it will save lives. God bless you and my condolences for your great loss. May God meet you where you are in your grief.

    • kingblog22 says

      Dear Rebecca,I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. This is another tragedy that should not happen. Thank you for offering to support The Jennifer Act for Indiana- Senate Bill No 22. Please eamil me your address and I will mail you some postcards that you can send out and share with your friends to support The Jennifer Act bill for Indiana. My email is:
      Sharon Blair

  2. says

    My son died July 26, 2010 as a result of addiction. His friends in our community are preparing for our first annual NOPE candlelight vigil Thursday Oct 28 in Los Gatos CA. I am supporting them in every way possible to start a chapter in Santa Clara County. The loss is so painful. I would do anything to prevent another family from the suffering we are experiencing.

    The web site attached is to the organization formed in honor of my son Aaron Selchow

    Thank you,

    Kim Ward (Mom)

  3. sue matthews says

    Dear Sharon, I have been reading your blog for the last two days and have been brought to tears with compassion for your loss. What a blessing you have become for others who are suffering with addiction in their families.My son is currently incarcerated and refuses to go to the 90 day program that is offered in the facility. He is 22 years old and for the last five years we have been fighting him to go to multiple treatment programs.We have had to compromise what we have thought was best for him to what he was willing to do. I spoke with a state delegate in my state of Maryland about The Jennifer Act and was hoping we could draw some attention to addiction here. Thanks so much you have inspired me. Sue Matthews

    • kingblog22 says

      Hello Sue, I am sorry to hear that your son is incarcerated. I am thankful, he is alive and is not out there on drugs. It is frustrating when the addicted person refuses treatment and does not see the grave danger of their addiction if left untreated. I believe the addiction for some, has such a strong hold on their brain and body that they cannot make rational decisions for themselves and are often impaired due to their addiction. This is where The Jennifer Act bill would step in and get help and treatment for the addicted person (in-voluntarily.) Their mind get so distorted and their thinking is not logical when severely addicted.

      I pray that the state of Maryland will consider The Jennifer Act as a much needed tool for proper intervention and treatment for those gravely addicted. death is an un-acceptable answer for the disease of addiction. It requires professional treatment and this bill will serve as a much needed tool. If I can help your state Delegate further, please have them contact me. My information is on this website.
      God bless you for helping your son. He needs substance treatment, with his 5 year battle with drugs, weather he realizes it or not. Please continue to be persistant: tell the Judge, his attorney and anyone who will listen to you, that he needs this treatment and it is a matter of life and death!
      Sharon Blair

    • kingblog22 says

      Bill 22- The Jennifer Act- Indiana November 17, 2010  DIGEST OF INTRODUCED BILL No: 22

      Indiana Drug and alcohol abuse and commitments. Provides procedures for the involuntary commitment of a person due to alcohol or drug abuse. Requires the division of mental health and addiction to maintain and operate or contract for alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, including faith based facilities. Requires the law enforcement academy to provide training regarding persons with alcohol or drug addictions, including training for involuntary commitments for alcohol or drug use. Requires the department of correction and county jails to provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation to all offenders with alcohol or drug addictions.

      ~The LORD has given me this ministry and I will continue to march for those and their families. The LORD commands us to remember those in prison. He also wants us to help the weak. ~Hebrews 13

      Keep on loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained strangers without knowing it. Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

      Praying God’s will be done with Indiana Senate Bill 22.

      ~Sharon Blair 11/19/2010 NOPE TASK FORCE states not nearly enough action is being taken at the state and federal levels to combat the proliferation of illegal drugs.

      The NOPE Task Force brings its message to public and private forums, in order to focus attention on this epidemic that is killing our children and to put a human face on the debate. I am a human face on this subject. My daughter, Jennifer, died last year of an accidental drug overdose. My grandson Trey, has lost his mother to the disease of addiction.  My children have lost their sister and grand parents have lost their grand daughter.

      This could happen to any one’s family! Please help and do what you can to support Indiana Senate Bill 22 in Indiana . In Florida, contact  Representatives: FL. State Senator Jack Latvala and FL. Rep. Darryl Rouson. Death is not the solution or the answer to the disease and crisis of addiction. Thank you for your help, assistance and support of The Jennifer Act

      Sharon Blair (Jennifer’s mother- DIED 1-15-09)

      3577 W. Cockrell Rd. Bloomington, IN. 47403

      Phone: 812-824-5366

      Sharon Blair New Email Address Effective 1/1/2010 –

  4. sue matthews says

    Dear Sharon, Thanks so much for speaking with my parents on wednesday Dan and Mary Sullivan.It meant alot to them. I have spoken with my son’s public defender about the treatment program and he feels like many do, if he doesn’t want it he shouldn’t waste a bed because there are plenty of people who want treatment. I told him of the study by the Hazelden Foundation, a 25 year study comparing the success rates of voluntary treatment compared to court ordered treatment…. virtually no difference. I feel if someone is locked up and a known drug addict.. he should be forced to get treatment… thanks for listening.. Gratefully, Sue matthews

  5. Britt Stanfield says

    My son died 9-18-10 of a a mixture of coming off of cocaine and then taking heroin. He was addicted to oxycontin for 3 years and had 10 doctors perscribing it to him. So far 3 of the doctors are out of business because of me. They autopsied him on his 25th birthday. He was a wonderful boy so full of life. He had been clean for 6 months when he relapsed. Thank you for having this website.

    • kingblog22 says

      Dear Britt,

      I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son. It breaks my heart how many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and grand parents write to me and share with me their loss and grief of a family member due to substance addiction. It is such a tragedy to lose someone all in the name of drugs. Please check out Griefshare @

      Your support of The Jennifer Act bill is appreciated. I have an on-line petition you can sign on this website. God bless you. Sharon Blair (Jennifer’s Mother- died 1.15.2009) at age 29 years.

    • Linda Williams says

      My daughter Amanda was clean 9 months and her x boyfriend decided if he could get her hooked again she would come back to him “It Killed Her” and the prosecutors wont prosecute him. It was a lethal mixure of heroin and fyntenal a letheal mixture that is on the streets of Flint MI

  6. Hillary says


    On February 6, 2011, while watching my grandchildren, ages 2 and 6, my daughter in law pulled in to my drive way and told me that my son, Levi, age 30, died that morning, alone, on the floor of a friend’s home. I died that day too.

    My son was attempting to detox through an out-patient Kaiser program. During his detox, a “friend” drove him to a connection to get Oxy. Although I have not received the autopsy report yet, the coroner stated he believed that Levi’s death was due to an overdose of Oxy.

    Levi battled addiction for several years and many people were suprised to learn that he had an addiction problems. He was such a go-getter, and the all American, clean cut guy.

    I’d like to know what I can do in my state to make changes via legislation or whatever else… Levi’s addition to Oxy started as a result of a prescription(s) from his primary care doctor, and when she stopped prescribing, he was addicted, and began making purchases from drug dealers.

    Although I know Levi’s addiction did not start with Oxy, that’s where is ended… Oh, and with the 3 prescriptions that were given him to detox as an out-patient, even though, his provider, Kaiser, knew he was an addict.

  7. carol collins says

    My wonderful son died on Nov.19th 2010. My heart is broken as I know all of you are sharing this same feeling. He was 25 as well. I knew my son had an alcohol addiction but when he died of heroin I could not have been more shocked. There were definitely times when I asked him what he was on but each time he had a reason or reply. There were times when I tried to get information from medical people and because of the privacy law was not permitted any information. I went to counseling and asked friends for advice but I really didn’t get it. I felt like I was on an island alone when he needed me the most and I feel alone suffering through this now. But one thing I do know is some how I want to help another person so that they do not have to go through things so blindly. I do not want to see so many people with addition problems go to jail or to see our system pray upon them financially. These people can least afford it! I feel sorry for people who can’t be on their parents insurance and have to rely on state aid. My son saw a counselor who put him on antidepressants but they could never adjust them because there were no appointments available. There are so many holes for addicts to fall through.

    • kingblog22 says

      Dear Carol,

      My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences go out to you at the loss of your precious son. The best thing we can do is get involved in advocacy groups and legislation in our state to get laws to assist those like your son and my daughter who need intervention and help with the aid of in-voluntary treatment if necessary to save lives. I have an on-line petition you can sign to support The Jennifer Act Bill and also I ask everyone to write, call and fax their Representatives and Senators and express their concerns and experiences. Tell them you support bills such as The Jennifer Act to get your voice heard. God bless you and comfort you as you move through your grief and loss. Please check out: Griefshare:

  8. lisa vann says

    My 19 year old son Michael died on May 24, 2011 from a heroin overdose. I really do not have anything to say right now. I am just looking for answers. None of it make sense.

    • says

      I lost my 22 year old son on April 6, 2011 from heroin also. I am not sure we can ever find the answers we are looking for, it will never make sense. I miss my son so much. : (

      • debra says

        Dear Jacquelyn, I am so sorry for your loss. Im sure there are no comforting words. I live with the fear of losing my 22 year old son. Hes overdosed 4 times already. Hes addicted to oxys and herion and its been 7 long years of research and trying to figure out his disease of addiction. For now hes in jail and still alive. What happens when he gets out only G-d knows. I pray for you. Sincerly Debra

    • Susan Martinez says

      Lisa, I read your comment,it was short to the point,As i read between the Lines the Pain is Felt . My Daughter Corina was killed in Sept 1,09 ,She was hit by a train and using Meth, I was using Meth too , she died in Modesto Calif, I was in the same town a matter of fact blocks away, i didnt know she was in the same town as I, we didnt use drugs together { I didnt find out intill 700 pm that night] As she laid on the ground in that body bag. Corina died at 10:45 .She was 26 and I loved her so, I sence then left Modesto,got off drugs but the pain is always there ,that drugs play such a active roll in her death,at the same time Corina,saved MY LIFE, it took her dying for me to stop doing drugs>Susan

  9. Ed says

    I am so sorry for all your losses. I also feal your pain every minute, everyday! I also lost a loved one to this menace. Opiate addiction is the most powerful, destructive disease I have ever come to know. I was nieve before all this. I didnt know what an Opiate was. Thought I knew about addiction. Never thought it could happen in the realm of my life. Somebody you thought you knew , who you shared 13 years of life with , building , enjoying , sharing , caring, loving. Opiates just take that person away from you, and than they take that life away from you. Hopefully , if you catch it in the beginning, you can do all you can to stop it, at least have that much more time to try to love the disease out of them , to no avail! At least you have time to try. If you where like me , you didnt get that chance. Or you just didnt think it was possible that your loved one could become an addict. You where like the majority of society , believing in the Stigma of Addiction. Thinking you knew what an Addict looked like, how they acted, there behaviors. You didnt see that in your loved one. To you , life was going on as usual. You where happy. Then you get that call , and your life as you knew it completely changes. How could this happen? How could my Fiance die from a drug overdose? She didnt look like a Junkie. She didnt act like a Junkie. She was an adult. She was too smart for that. She was a College Grad. A Professional. She was always so responsible. She never did anything reckless. You cant understand how this 35 year young adult could sucumb to such a terrible disease. You didnt see it. You trusted them. You believed in them. But thats when you really learned the truth about Addiction: It knows no bounds! It doesnt discriminate! Rich , poor, young, old, educated, professional, it doesnt matter. And then you have to try to learn to live with this tragedy that has become you. You deal with the Stigma , but now you know different , and you try to change that because maybe your story can change some of the ignorance about the disease. You do what you can so that the loss of your loved one was not in veine. If it could happen to my fiance , also a nurse for 12 years, it can happen to anyone. Nurses are supposed to be caregivers. There not supposed to get addicted. Wrong! Addiction doesnt discriminate!!

  10. Linda Williams says

    Linda L Williams
    I am trying to Atart The Amanda Courington-Paul Foundation. No parent should have to go through thus kind of experience and then be told by the funeral homes ” Sorry you have no money so we can’t help you. No child should have to have a paupers funeral or be buried in a paupers grave. My child had to be cremated against my wishes but this was all I could afford. No parent should have to have a Carwash to pay for thier childs funeral they should be mourning. My daughter died on March 04,2011 the last time I saw her besides her funeral was when the coroner wheeled her out of her grand mothers house.

  11. Tanya says

    sorry i dont know if this is the proper place to post but i really dont know where else to go with this and thought that just maybe someone here could help me! thanks

  12. danielle watts says

    I just lost my daughter Rachel on July 4th 2011 she was a beautiful 22 year old girl.Big bright blue eyes,loved life ,but loved Herion more.My heart is breaking,i wish i was her Herion.She struggled with drugs for 7 years,she would take any thing that would make her feel better.6 rehabs,from miami,to pennsylvania where she lived her short 22 years.1 out of 8 people are addicted to something.I always explain to people who dont get addiction,,,,Rachel…what do you want to be when you grow up?Rachel says….When i grow up i want to be a herion junkie..i want to hurt everybody that i love.Iwant to walk the streets for my next fix,,i dont want to eat for days,get a shower ,fall in love,get married,have a baby,,,,hell no,i want to be a junkie(thats how her life was at the end.Im so angry .People have no sadness for addicts they look down on them.Its no different than Cancer.Cancer in there braine.Just needed to vent my sadness.

  13. Janet Griffith says

    My son is using heroin. As I sit here on the computer he just walked in and is sitting across from me. He is talking to me but his head is nodding in the middle of a sentcence. When he looks at me his eyelids are half closed. I wrote a letter I would like to share with all of you.

    I hate you heroin. You have stolen my Son’s life. Everything I have taught him to be, you have unraveled it. He chooses you over me and his family. He loves you more than anyone. He would walk over my dying body to get closer to you. I wish I knew what you had that made him feel more loved than his own family. He would lie for you, he would steal for you, he’d risk his life for you. He likes being around you because you don’t care that he doesn’t shower anymore or keep up with his appearance. You make him feel good no matter what he looks like. You are the devil and he doesn’t even know it! You keep pulling him into your darkness, letting him think that you care because you make him feel good. I know you are going to win because you always do. Your manipulative and uncaring. You want him to die and that is exactly what he is going to do for you because you have become his life. You got into his veins, his soul and his every being and he is right where you want him to be. I hate you heroin because you have not just destroyed his life but you have destroyed my life. I know you like watching me suffer because you are the devil. You like to watch me cry and worry that each time he walks out of the house it might be the last time I see him. I know where he is going. He is going to be with you. I hate you heroin and I want my Son back. He is mine, not yours. I am the one who carried him for nine months and walked the floors with him when he was sick. It was me who picked him up when he fell. It was me who kissed his boo boos when he got hurt. It was me who had high hopes and dreams for him. It is me who loves him unconditionally. You come into his life one time and he loves you more than me. It is you that he listens to. It is you that is calling his name and he runs to. Give me back my Son!!! You have no right to stroll into his life and completely turn his world upside down. I hate you heroin. I know you will never leave him because every chance he ever had to leave you he would run right back to you after a little while. You are in his head now calling his name and I know he’s struggling with your voice but it sounds too sweet for him to resist. Every time he gets you out of his system you just keep pushing yourself into his head. Just a little and then you will be able to stop. Just a little and then Ill go away. You lie though and you know you will always be in his head calling him to you. I hate you heroin. I want my Son back the way you found him. The way I left him. The way I taught him. The way I remember him. You had no right to steal him from us. He’s mine not yours. I hate you heroin!

    • Julie St John says

      We need longer and better treatment facilities for this addiction, my son did not want to be an addict, he was a caring and sweet person, he left behind a little boy who will never get to know his dad, this makes me sooo sad, I miss him very much

  14. Julie St John says

    This letter you wrote about hating heroin is so true, I lost my Jason on Sept 14, 2010 of an OD, he struggled for 7 years, in and out of treatment,, jail, but the heroin won, and i HATE the people that sell this drug

    • admin says

      Hi Julie,

      I did not write that letter about heroin but I agree with it. This was written by another mother whose son is addicted to heroin. She wrote a very powerful insight! Sharon

  15. Susan Martinez says

    I also didnt know if this was a good place to post my story,because i too was using drugs at the time my daughter Corina ,was killed in she was addited to Meth,and I too WAS using Meth< I stoped using Meth,only because there wasnt anything that could numb me from my pain,But the Memorys kept me alive, i felt that i will not do a drug that had a part of taking my daughters life ,When my babygirl died and drugs,ere in her body that day i Died,and Started to hate drugs, so you can ask anything ,people do care. Susan

  16. lisa says

    Thanks for everyone’s responses. When I wrote the email about my son’s death, he had just passed away. I miss Michael so much. His addiction began with a football injury his senior year of high school and after falling in love with a girl that was addicted to drugs. After 2 uncompleted rehabs he learned that heroin was cheaper than pills. After researching heroin addiction, I was frightened for him. I watched him spiral downhill and lose site of who he was. He was no longer the confident athlete he had always been. We tried rehab a third time. He left early again and died 3 months later. He was ashamed of his addiction. I knew he was. He would not admit he was still using. Losing my son has been horrible and terrifying. I want for every parent to know that if they get their child to rehab please keep them there and don’t believe them when they say they can quit on their own. They can’t. They are much too young to have such a strong addiction. Spend every penny you have to save them.

  17. monty says

    Lost my sweet son July 3, 2011. it has been devastating. He had never been in any trouble. We did not know of his drug misuse. He died from overdose of fentanyl. As we look back we see signs of misuse but he covered it up. Wish we could of helped him. He was 28 years old. Having a very hard time getting over this.

    • Liz Wiggins says

      So sorry about your son. I lost my son
      on December 4th also from an overdose
      of fentanyl. He was 17, would of been
      18 on Dec.21st. I’m still in shock,
      Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful
      than morphine!! I know He did not
      want to die!! Apparently he cut a patch
      in half and chewed it. I feel like I’ve
      died too. I heard our pain does get better
      over time but we will forever be changed.

      • monty says

        I am so sorry for your loss. The holidays, his 6 month annivesary and his birthday was 1/22. He would have been 29. All of this has taken us to a different level of greif. We go to counseling twice a month. It helps us cope but it does not lessen the hurt. I have been told it could take 5 to 6 years to get over this. Some how we must get thru this. Our faith does sustain us. May God bless you and help you get thru this

  18. Gretchen says

    My son died on 1/25/12. He was 21. From Heroin. The funeral was 2 days ago. I’ve never felt so lost and overwhelmed. All I can do is cry and beg God to help me.

    • admin says

      My deepest condolences at the loss of your son. I am so sorry. Please visit and for help and healing and support. I pray you have a support system for yourself at this very difficult time. Please stay close to your family and friends and your church. Let me know how you are doing. -God bless you, Sharon Blair

  19. Liz Wiggins says

    God WILL help us… He is the ONLY one
    who can. I was MAD at God for about
    Three days. Those were the hardest
    three days. A PEACE that surpasses all
    understanding comes over me when I
    CRY OUT TO JESUS. Watch the YouTube
    of that song by the group, Third Day.

    I’ll keep your pain close to mine in my


  20. Jessica Berninzon says

    I lost my daughter Amber on January 17,2012 , she overdosed on acute amount of morphine and ectasy , it was ruled a accident but the detective whom was investigating her case called me yesterday to inform she plans to ” clean house ” I am beyond grieve i cant sleep , cant eat cant function i just want to be with her past 13 months her and i were in a constant battle because somehow i knew out of all my children she would be the one to end up in a box , i fought till the very last night when she left my home saying in anger you have to let me live my life make my own mistakes and since you refuse to give me what i want ( money , ciggs , and to come and go as she pleased ) you will never see me again , watch me shine mom that was it ..she leaves behind two older sisters whom have been broken by this as well and a younger sister 14 whom has fallen into a deep deppression where i have found her in a fetal position on the floor sobbing like i have never seen a child sobbing saying mom i want her back please mom , she was my best friend and my sister i know you don’t want to live anymore mom i know you do not either lets kill ourselves and go be with amber .Needless to say i just hold her and rock her and do not say anything because there is nothing i can say to comfort my child other then killing her self or ourselves s is never a option in case there is a heaven we wont go there …we have lost faith ..i am told it takes years to over come such a tragedy i don’t see living like this 6 moths let alone years i just know deep in my heart the day my child died i did to , now i will do my duties as a mom and put on the face be there for my girls and my grand kids and hope God has mercy on me and takes me as soon as Sarah is old enough to fend for herself heart goes out to all you mothers no one should ever lose her child never .

  21. says

    Didnt realize so many mothers lost their children from drug overdoses. I lost my sweet Yosef nov 05. The pain gets easier but it never goes away. he was 28. I spend so many days and nighs blaming myself. If only i had been a better mother when he was a child he would still be here with us today.I have a difficult time forgiving myself .Imiss him so much.the pain is still sometimes unbearable. He left behind a 3 year old at the time who is now 11.the night he died i remember hom being so sad before he left and i couldnt spend time with him the way he wanted me to because i was running a daycare upstairs and i had to keep leaving to check on the children . the last time i left to check on them ,when i came back downstairs he was gone. I never saw him alive again.He was my oldest. He leaves behind 2 sisters and a brother.

  22. Elizabeth Trastin says

    My son, John David Trastin, (19) recently died from a drug overdose. My ex husband found him unconscious in his apartment. He was in a coma and went into critical condition two times in a week. He had cardiac arrest and died one Feb. 11 2012. I can not explain the grief I have felt through everything, having just recently lost my daughter in a car accident as well. Originally his death was thought to have been suicide, but with the drugs taken he was not thinking clearly and took more. Accidental drug overdoses leave mothers with so many questions and regrets. I’ve done research nightly and can not console myself. It terrible to lose a child to something so preventable. My heart goes out to all of you.

  23. says

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, my deepest sympathies. I to Lost my son a little over a year ago June 29, 2011. He had just turned 20 years old. He was a wonderful young man with so much to live for. He had a problem with his prescription medications the doctors gave him. He went to the hospital and spent a week there and was suppose to get off of them. He came home and died the next day. I thought he was off the prescriptions but come to find out that the doctor gave him 7 new prescriptions a combination of sleeping pills, pain killers, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety. He died in my home, i have three other children and my next oldest son and I found him dead in his room. There is not a second of any minute of everyday that goes by that I don’t think of him and what has happened. There is no other pain that compares to the loss of a child. My son died because of a doctor who to me was negligent. However, I know the police was investigating but I am almost sure this doctor will never have to answer for my son’s death. To me this is very, very wrong I lost my son and I would never wish this upon anyone else. I miss him terribly the pain doesn’t get any easier.

  24. says

    My youngest daughter, Crystal has died from her addiction to heroin after 14 years at age 29. Although I watched her battle this in and out of rehabs on suboxone, given xanax and going from pill to pill to alcohol etc her death is still a shock. In the back of my mind I feared it always but now it is stark reality. I need assurance she is in heaven with King Jesus. I am having nightmares she is burning since we cremated her. She has been gone nearly three weeks, she would have been 30 on March 22 2014. Oh how I ache inside and want to believe she is whole and no longer suffering but some believe addicts go to hell. My faith is strong but I do know that believing Jesus died for us is a choice and without a saving faith in him we can’t live with Him in eternity. She did say she beleived the last two weeks while in the detox. She came out and a day later she overdosed. Her four year old was running around naked in the apartment and he said “Mommy is sleeping on the floor”. He acted as if it was normal. I hate the devil, he is the one who allows people to be addicted. Pray for me I am having a rough time.

  25. Cindy Cook says

    My son Dustin lost his battle with his addiction Nov.10, 2014. I watch him fight the addiction for years. He was in and out of jail and prison. I was there when he od over the years.
    I beat my head against the wall and jumped hoops trying to get him help. Getting help is very difficult to get. Most of the time you have a small window of opportunity to obtain that help. I am not formilar with the Jenifer act, but would like the learn about it. I don’t want my son’s addiction to end with his death. I want to fight.

    • admin says

      Dear Cindy,
      My deepest condolences go out to you at the loss of your precious son, Dustin. I am very sorry to hear this sad news. Drug addiction is such an aweful experience. It is painful for the one suffering with addiction and for the family (Mothers especially) who are trying to understand the disease of addiction and get help for theirchild before they overdose. I know exactly how you feel. Thank you for contacting me. What state do you live in?

      Sharon Blair

  26. Michelle says

    My son simon started using herion in January 2014 in june we found out in all my life i had never felt fear like i did that day, simon decided to go to long term rehab and i was so proud he made that hard choice, the program was for 6 months, after 4 months of doing so well, someone in the rehab program got drugs in my son died that night there from a relapse we got that call on 31 January 2015 and nothing is the same and every will be again, the overwhelming pain is unbearable at times but i fight on for simon, he was and is an amazing person and had a heart of gold my beautiful son was 20 years old when herion took his life. He was addicted to this drug for 6 months, then clean for 4 months, when he died, and the most heartbreaking thing of all is simon never felt in was in danger and never thought he could died, simon did’nt suffer long from addition so as parents we did’nt suffer from his addiction either, but look at us now, this wonderful kid losted his life at 20, and i feel as if my heart and soul went with him all because of a drug called herion, how many more young lives will be losted, how many mums hearts complete broken, until something will be done. I miss simon in every way i look in the mirror and a stranger looks back at me because i’m not the same person anymore since my son died, she left with him. I will live on thou for my family and friends and for simon i will speak out and be open about how simon losted his life in hope that it might save an other child from this terrible drug and an other family from this overwhelming pain.

    • admin says

      Thank you for sharing about Simon and about his struggle with heroin and how it claimed his young life. My deepest condolences to you. -Sharon Blair

      • Maureen says

        My Daughter died this week of an overdose. I’m so heartbroken. She also was only 20 years old. I have been looking for someone any group of people who have gone through this. I have looked up “Why does God take our Children” and understand that it is to drive God’s work/message. I want to make change.

        • admin says


          I am very sorry for your loss of your daughter from an overdose. It is a terrible thing to experience to lose a child. I know, having lost my own daughter as well. I would recommend some Grief Counceling or a Grief support group such as Griefshare. The website is:
          This will help you as you move through all the stages of grief and start the haling process. Grieving is a process and a journey. It is different for each person. I hope this helps you.

          Sharon Blair

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