My Mission: From Sharon Blair

My mission: The Jennifer Act will provide oversight and a solid foundation for an effective drug treatment plan. This will be a necessary stepping stone to help the addicted. The goal is for intervention, drug treatment and recovery, ensuring the best possible outcome of sobriety being attainable, knowing it is not necessarily easy. Addiction is an incredible pull on the mind and body. It surpasses any reasoning and the behaviors it causes are self-destructive and devastating. I wrote The Jennifer Act after many years of watching the heart wrenching stronghold drug addiction had on my daughter, Jennifer, which ultimately, just recently led to her untimely and premature death. Addiction takes a person’s life, family, dignity, self respect-everything. My mission to assist those in bondage of the ball and chain of addiction. They deserve life-clean and sober and they deserve any and all steps necessary, intervening on their behalf. In some instances-the steps of involuntary drug treatment is a matter of life and death. The Jennifer Act goes to the addicted in their complete out-of-control state and brings them to a place of help, stabilization, treatment and the opportunity for a recovery plan of clean and sober living. An umbrella watch dog team of professionals, accountable to overseeing each facilities treatment plan for the addicted, is my goal. My experiences and the legal processes and steps I have taken on behalf of my beloved daughter Jennifer, are my greatest tools.

Those who has never dealt with a severely substance addicted individual or severe alcoholic, do not fully understand the depth and the dynamics of the impaired person’s mental, physical and emotional state.  It is completely tragic to see a teen or adult slowly die because they cannot stop using the drug or alcohol they are chronically addicted to. The family is paralyzed by fear, and the fact that the impaired person has no control over being able to stop their own abuse in heart wrenching and there is utter helplessness as the tragedy unfolds.  The insanity of it all and the total dysfunction in the household is riveting.  It is chaotic, frightening, unstable and bizarre for everyone involved when a loved one is chronically and severely addicted or a full-blown alcoholic.  There are no real words I can say to try to explain it.   Addiction is not a matter of “will power”.  Using or abusing substances and being addicted to substances are totally different.  Once the disease has escalated to addiction, there is complete loss of control to stop the urges, cravings and terror of the disease.  This is why I advocate so loud and clear for substance treatment.  Death camps close to an addict.

The Jennifer Act is a life preserver we throw out to the chronically addicted who is drowning in their own pollution; their disease called: addiction.

Sharon Blair [6/3/2011]


  1. Patricia says

    What you have stated is so true! I am watching my daughter die her whole life is gone yet she still continues and there is nothing I can do, I have tried everything I can think of. I see the real her sometimes in her eyes, it is like she (the real her) is pleading inside to be saved but the words never pass her lips. This is so out of her control in so many ways. There really needs to be mandatory rehab for a good length of time for this to work. And yes, the facilities need to be monitored because I have heard of so many people being kicked out of rehab and they really need to stay long enough for them to see things in a clear state of mind. She is almost 23 years old and our family and her son don’t want to loose her. We love her, I would die to save her!

  2. says

    This same thing happen to my daughter in Colorado. She was addicted to Xanax, treated with anti depressants and died within 60 days. She went for Xanax addiction. Do you think we could work together to make this national…and put some make a save lifes across the nation. My daughters name is Jennifer, age 26. I would like media help to save lifes, this is a nightmare and no changes have been made.

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